Best Hummingbird Feeders

August 28th, 2012 | by AZHG

The Best Hummingbird Feeders The best hummingbird feeders are the ones that you can completely clean easily. It is not [&hellip

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    From low saguaro deserts to red rock canyons and high altitude mountains, the state of Arizona is diverse and grand. But the one thing all of Arizona has in common is dryness, and drought-tolerant perennials, succulents, and cacti are a must for Arizona landscapes.

    Your first consideration when gardening in Arizona is to determine which zone you are in. This will help you determine which plants to choose. Cold-hardy plants that are also drought tolerant (xeriscape) are essential for the Flagstaff, Prescott, and White Mountain areas; while heat tolerant, desert perennials must be considered for Phoenix and Tucson.

    Start by checking your planting zone below.

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