Garden Beautiful Drought-Tolerant Combo for Arizona Gardens

Published on August 23rd, 2012 | by AZHG


Beautiful Drought-Tolerant Perennials

This drought-tolerant combination produces a garden display of rich color and whimsical texture and survives all day sun, wind, and moderate soil conditions — perfect for southwestern high desert and mountain gardens. Purple Coneflower is a prominent wildflower that blooms in the late summer with a striking center cone and purple-pink draping petals.  Also known as Echinacea, this plant is extracted for it’s herbal qualities.   The rich, dark velvet red Mexican Hat ratibida is an easy-to-grow, drought tolerant wildflower that thrives in poor soil and clay.  Guara lindheimeri is a long-blooming Apple Blossom Grass with a beautiful display of white flowers swaying in the breeze like small whirling butterflies.  Purple Coneflower,  ‘Whirling Butterflies’ and “Mexican Hat” can be grown in a wide range of growing regions.  These plants are also drought tolerant once established.<br><br>Remember, drought-tolerant doesn’t mean that they don’t need water.  These perennials need regular (but not daily) watering in higher climates.  During periods of dry heat and no rain, you must keep an eye on your plants.  If you stick your finger in the soil and it is dry down to your knuckle, you need to water, and be sure to mulch to keep moisture in.

These plants can take full/part Sun, are deer resistant, have average soil and moisture needs, and are not invasive. They will need more moisture in warmer climates. This winning combination thrive in zones 5-9, but there are many successful reports for growing these plants in hotter, desert climates.  Flagstaff and Pinetop are Zone 5, and Prescott is Zone 7.  Phoenix is Zone 10.

Are you growing any of these plants?  Give us your recommendations.

Check your growing zone at the National Gardening Association site.

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    From low saguaro deserts to red rock canyons and high altitude mountains, the state of Arizona is diverse and grand. But the one thing all of Arizona has in common is dryness, and drought-tolerant perennials, succulents, and cacti are a must for Arizona landscapes.

    Your first consideration when gardening in Arizona is to determine which zone you are in. This will help you determine which plants to choose. Cold-hardy plants that are also drought tolerant (xeriscape) are essential for the Flagstaff, Prescott, and White Mountain areas; while heat tolerant, desert perennials must be considered for Phoenix and Tucson.

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